The crazy Crows thriller: Nothing like this has happened in the NFL in four yearsThe crazy Crows thriller:

The crazy Crows thriller: Nothing like this has happened in the NFL in four yearsThe crazy Crows thriller:

Nothing like this has happened in the NFL in four years

It’s Week 14 in the NFL and every game is currently almost doubled. That’s exactly why the Ravens and Rams engaged in a frantic battle for victory, a sequence of madness that decided the game’s ultimate outcome. Texans suffered extremely rare events and painful injuries.

In high tension until the last step
Pure drama in one game. That’s what the Rams and Ravens offer. After a slow start to the season, things are looking up for 2022 Super Bowl champion Los Angeles. It was a back-and-forth between the Rams and Ravens in a game that is expected to feature very few points. Every time Baltimore’s superstar quarterback Lamar Jackson leads his team in scoring, his counterpart Matthew Stafford has the right answer. First, junior Odell Beckham, known as “OBJ,” caught a 46-yard rocket after running into a defender’s leg and sending him into the end zone. “Oh my God,” the club celebrated on X (formerly Twitter) after a great throw and catch.

But the Rams fought back immediately and went back into the locker room with a score of 20:17. In the second half the game initially lost momentum, but not intensity. Baltimore led with two field goals. But Stafford once again had the answer. He led the team with 85 yards rushing in eight plays and found DeMarcus Robinson for a 5-yard touchdown late in the fourth quarter. Jackson now gave his best once again – the brilliant playmaker was actually able to turn the game around again with a minute left. 31:28 Is everything decided for the Crows now?

Of course not. Wide receiver Cooper Kupp brilliantly intercepted a Stafford pass for 34 yards in the air. The Rams then scored a field goal to tie the game and send it to overtime. The Los Angeles team had the ball first, but had to play it quickly. Tylan Wallace returned the punt into the end zone and ran wildly through the entire defense (which has only happened three times in overtime in NFL history). He threw a touchdown and the game ended immediately; the Ravens won a fast-paced matchup 37-31.

First 0-0 in four years
What is common in football almost never happens in American football: For the first time in four years, it is 0-0 at halftime in an NFL game. However, the close battle between the Jets and Texans ended after halftime when the Jets scored a touchdown in just four minutes to take the lead, followed shortly after by another.

Can newcomer C.J.? Stroud avoids the worst game of his career? At first glance it seemed that way when he led Houston to a tie late in the third period. But then only a barely recognizable team from New York played. To make matters worse for the Texans, Stroud went down injured in the final quarter and was evaluated for a concussion. He hit his head hard on the ground and required medical attention on the field. And then the game was over, and the Jets surprisingly won 30-6 after a chaotic start.

Bears surprise St. Brown Lions
The Lions are the clear favorites in this NFC North matchup. Detroit scored better than ever in 60 years, but the Bears (who had only won four previously) scored a touchdown on the first drive and, surprisingly, dominated the Lions on the first drive. Another goal later and they were ahead 10-0. Detroit quarterback Jared Goff did not play, nor did his wide receiver, German Amon-Ra St. Brown. But Bears fans don’t have to rejoice for long as they sit last in the division. Shortly before halftime, the Lions started a counterattack and took the lead 13:10.

But anyone who expected the dominant Lions to take over was wrong. The Bears continued to combine Goff, St. Brown and others, with Justin Fields finishing with 223 passing yards, one touchdown and no interceptions. That was enough, also because his opponents recorded two interceptions. The Lions remain the clear leaders in the NFL North.

Flacco had a solid performance against the Jaguars
Cleveland and Jacksonville have more than legitimate playoff hopes, which is why this duel is highly anticipated. The Browns have one of the best defenses in the league. Of course, it becomes more difficult for the opponent when a quarterback is injured, as was the case with the Jaguars’ Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence, who has been suffering from a sprained ankle since last week, continued his outstanding form of the season (two interceptions) in the first half

eptions) do not repeat. His Jaguars immediately scored their next touchdown with 7:14 left in the second half. Twelve minutes remained before Cleveland made a strong first decision. Jacksonville never recovered and lost 27-31. Quarterback Joe Flacco, who was only hired for the playmaker role at the end of November due to an injury, played a crucial role in the Bears’ victory: The 38-year-old veteran passed the ball and advanced 311 yards, his Browns are now ahead 8-5.

Bengals storm Colts without Burrow

Who would have thought of me: The Indianapolis Colts have been one of the hottest teams in the NFL in recent weeks. Who would have thought II: The Cincinnati Bengals didn’t want to be eliminated after the loss of superstar quarterback Joe Burrow and were already leading 14-0 at the beginning of the second quarter. Of particular note was backup quarterback Jake Browning, as he was the week before: In the five quarters he was on the field, his numbers at this point were as follows: 39 of 46 passes for 492 yards, 3 touchdowns (2 passes and 1 running), no interceptions. But then the Colts around playmaker Gardner Minshew showed why they are so strong right now: They scored a touchdown shortly before halftime. Browning then threw his first interception, a sixth one that led to a touchdown and the game-winning touchdown. Within a few minutes the game had turned around. Browning proved again in the second half that the Bengals can win games with him at the helm and still have a chance of making the playoffs. The quarterback’s play seemed to be unleashed, leading the team to a 34-14 victory.

Former Brady hopes to get back into the playoffs
While both teams have rarely shined on the greens this year, this duel is definitely exciting: the winner between the Buccaneers and Falcons takes the lead in the NFC South, a position that ultimately leads to the playoffs. The places are safe this season. This exciting game really does what it promises.

Atlanta missed two key field goals in the first half and it looked like Tom Brady’s former team, Tampa Bay, would edge out the winners. The Falcons then shocked their opponents with a touchdown and pushed the score to 25:22 before the end. But in the final minutes, Buccaneers quarterback Baker Mayfield took the lead again. Somehow he managed to lead his team into the red zone. Then he threw the game-winning touchdown pass to tight end Cade Otton with 31 seconds left, and Tampa Bay (now 6-7 and still in the playoff race) won a thrilling 29-25.

Saints are not out of the game yet:
In this division of the NFC South, New Orleans still has hope of making it into the playoffs. The Saints easily defeated the Carolina Panthers, the NFL’s worst team, remaining one win away at 28-6. New Orleans now joins Tampa Bay and Atlanta with a record of six wins and seven.


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